Artificial intelligence and more

Artificial intelligence is a vast field and I work to push the edge in terms of science and application development.

I am grateful that I can do the work I do and happy to provide my AI mods free of charge.

I also love to push the boundary of what is possible with artificial intelligence, and if the opportunity arises, to enhance our understanding of the world around us. Every bit counts.

In practical terms I am currently working on my own turn-based strategy game in order to showcase the AI and make the first step to commercialize the tech. Work of this type is always a bet – Will it work? Will it sell? – but knowing firsthand what kind of breakthroughs the technology brings, I am optimistic that things will work out. Maybe not exactly the way I imagine, but there is so much potential that it has to be viable.

If you look for an AI that can help you (or your project) to make big strides forward and it makes good commercial sense, I'd like to hear from you. Long-term I am building a business around AI, which also means I am looking for its best possible applications.

I am in a good place to work towards making my plans a reality, but additional funds could go a long way to accelerate progress. If you are in a position to help, your contribution can make a big difference here. The most reliable way to contact me is via Discord.

If you wish to support the project, i.e. my work on AI and the creation of a new turn-based strategy game, you can help by subscribing to this blog. There is currently no premium content, i.e. everything is public and free. Like in the best things in life are free, so ideally I would leave it this way. By becoming a subscriber you help me to create the content that you can download one day. There is good stuff in the pipeline, and your contribution helps to make it a reality.

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