Artificial intelligence and more

Artificial intelligence is a vast field and I work to push the edge in terms of science and application development.

I am grateful that I can do the work I do and happy to provide my AI mods free of charge.

However, if you would like to support me and my work, you are very welcome to contribute.

I love Heroes of Might & Magic and strategy games. But life is full of constraints. With your donation you help me to do what I love. And who knows, one day my work gives rise to a grand strategy game, new or reborn.

I also love to push the boundary of what is possible with artificial intelligence, and if the opportunity arises, to enhance our understanding of the world around us. Every bit counts.

Thank you for your support!

Please klick here to provide your donation:

In the case Paypal gives you trouble, you can alternatively donate directly to my bank account:

IBAN: DE15 2005 0550 1199 4111 64


Account holder: Stefan Gollasch

Reference: Quantomas AI

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